The Bryan Hyde Show

2021 July 29 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

July 29, 2021

Programs like mine exist, in part, to help provide encouragement and insights into withstanding the daily barrage of official agitprop. Michael Anton has penned a brilliant down and dirty guide to recognizing regime propaganda

One of the worst side effects of the coronavirus pandemic is how it has been used to divide us into warring tribes. Annie Holmquist provides some needed perspective to how the numbers don't support the scapegoating of the unvaccinated.

Equality before the law used to be a foundational principle of a free and just society. But the current push to expand registration for military conscription to women may be over the line. Thomas L. Knapp says, don't expand draft registration--end it.

The thought that we are being abused at the hands of the political class is a tough thing to even consider, let alone to accept. Jeff Minnick has a thoughtful piece on the elites' abuse of average Americans and what we can do about it. 

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