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2021 November 15 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

November 15, 2021

A lot of eyes are on the Kyle Rittenhouse case as a verdict may be coming soon. There are many lessons to be learned from this case but one of the biggest is that the media has thrown its credibility away even as the prosecution's case has collapsed.

Annie Holmquist has a refreshing and insightful take on the Rittenhouse matter. Check out her essay on Kyle Rittenhouse and the individual's choice to take the witness stand. It's a powerful example of how standing up and speaking the truth--even at great personal risk--should inspire each of us.

The riots and destruction caused by violent communists across America last year were hardly the "fiery but mostly peaceful protests" that our legacy media claimed they were. Peter D'Abrosca begs us to stand up for our communities and not to cede the streets to militant Marxists.

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