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2021 November 23 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

November 23, 2021

The identity politics ideologues sure are quick to deny that their brand of collectivism is being taught in public schools. Still, some educators insist that parents have no right to question such teachings--even if they don't exist. As Joanna Williams points out, of course we should challenge woke young people rather than allow them to be groomed as mouthpieces for identitarians.

The narrative managers here in America are curiously quiet about the rising rage and protests against lockdowns and mandates all around the world. Thomas Luongo has an excellent take on the big picture and wonders, have we finally reached peak Davos and will our resistance drive world leaders to war?

Since the season of gratitude is here, I'll be taking a bit of time to reflect upon how gratitude is the answer to a question that too few are asking. Truth be told, everything for which I'm grateful has almost nothing to do with any desired political outcome.

I'm certain that we'll all sleep better tonight knowing that Thomas Jefferson's statue has been removed from City Hall in New York. Paddy Hannam notes that the battle for America's soul is intensifying and not even the founding fathers are safe from the history wars.

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