The Bryan Hyde Show

2022 January 13 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

January 13, 2022

Dr. Fauci's latest exchange with Sen. Rand Paul left him wriggling like a fish on a hook when questioned about funding gain of function research. Andrea Widburg gives a detailed accounting of Fauci's desperate tap-dance to avoid having to say the truth.

The man who considers himself the embodiment of science has made it clear that he's not about to accept any responsibility for the carnage that he and other health officials unleashed in their Covid response. Fauci's Nuremberg moment may yet be approaching but in the meantime, Joakim Book asks, is anyone going to accept responsibility for this?

The folks responsible for destroying so many lives claim they did what they did in order to protect us. Mike Maharrey reminds us that the power to protect is the power to control. If you want to protect people from opportunists, limiting government power is a must.

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