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2022 January 14 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

January 14, 2022

Biden's vax mandates may have suffered a well-deserved setback in the Supreme Court but the mandate for health care workers was allowed to stand. Jim Bovard says it's time to end Biden's vax mandate for health care workers. Especially when Covid-positive nurses are allowed to work but the unvaccinated are not.

Looks like we're getting a double dose of Bovard today. That's never a bad thing. Jim's take on how the 'pro-democracy' politicians and polarizing media are the real threat to liberty.

The amount of effort that's being put into trying to prop up the failing Covid narrative is as impressive as it is futile. Jordan Schachtel is currently being targeted by the regime's 'fact-checkers' over his reporting on Big Pharma's inconsistencies. If you want to see what modern spin doctoring looks like, Snopes provides a great example.

A deeper understanding of history is essential to maintaining our liberty. Caleb Franz from the Profiles in Liberty podcast joins me to talk about his upcoming second season featuring the story of our historical equalizers.

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