The Bryan Hyde Show

The Bryan Hyde Show hour one 6-22-2021

June 22, 2021

When Eric Peters and I discuss the lockdowns we rarely focus on potential silver linings. But this time around, I think Eric has a solid upside to the lockdowns. It's helped all of us spend our money more wisely. We also talk about how the liability insurance we're required by law to purchase seems to be a lot more about spending our money than protecting us from litigation.

Not to shake your faith in the state but why on earth would California need to approve a $100 million tax-payer bailout of the marijuana industry? As Jon Miltimore explains, this teaches us most everything we need to know about its oppressive taxation and regulation habits.

 When it comes to understanding the nature of government, few resources are as accurate as the Tenth Amendment Center. Mike Maharrey has a fantastic essay about the first question we should ask whenever someone suggest that the federal government do something.

Those of us who've been drafted into the culture war will find that the heavy lifting that needs done doesn't require enacting more volumes of public policy. More than anything, it requires that we get our individual character squared away. As Jeff Minnick explains, that means there ain't no such thing as free love.


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